Iosif Blaga
Ghiță Pop
Tiberius Vasiniuc


Polemics edited, introductory study and notes by Tiberius Vasiniuc

The never-ending rivalry between Iosif Blaga and Ghiță Pop made possible the Polemics published in this volume, which can be considered a kind of addendum to the Theory of Drama (1900). Despite some conceptual clumsiness and the somewhat irreverent tone of the two, the Polemics from this edition can contribute to a better understanding of the maturation process of the Romanian aesthetic discourse at the confluence between the 19th and 20th centuries. At the same time, a perspective is offered on the European aesthetic traditions with which Iosif Blaga and Ghiță Pop became familiar and on how they interpreted them in the Romanian context.


September 10, 2023

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