Principii de etică şi integritate în arta spectacolului şi în cercetarea artistică


Tiberius Vasiniuc


Principles of Ethics And Integrity in Performing Arts and Artistic Research
This volume discusses those notions, theories and concepts that can raise questions about both the place that ethics plays in relation to the performing arts and aesthetics, and the way in which researchers and practitioners of the performing arts can connect their own moral principles to the norms, customs and, especially, deontology unanimously accepted. The dispute over the definition of ethics, on the one hand, and morality, on the other, forces us to understand that we have at our horizon the immutable laws of Mankind, but also the rules and social norms, assumed by each of them and last but not least, morality, which dictates how our own beliefs and "laws" meet those of our fellow men. The volume was funded by an FDI project.


May 14, 2020

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